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Stay on top of changing technology.

Conference Information

Registration is not yet open, but you can already find out more information about NETC. At the National Extension Technology Conference, you’ll hear from amazing speakers from all over the vast Extension network over topics that matter to your daily life.

When? Where?

Location Information

The conference will take place June 12-15 in Savannah, Georgia. View the location information above to find out what makes Savannah special, hotel information, and local attractions.

A closeup of a skyspraper's windows The inside of a trendy cafe A closeup of a laptop keyboard Students coloring on a sidewalk A skyscraper's glass ceiling The components inside a computer A woman taking a photograph A board with squares arranged in an interesting pattern The savannah riverfront A rolling cart with several computers stacked up An old photo of a man using a primitive computer A woman typing on a typewriter An old keyboard that is connected physically to the computer monitor A street through wall of glass windows A geometric pattern of curved lines, almost like a woven tapestry A closeup of an ethernet cable A bedside table with a laptop open on top of it