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Georgia's dryland peanuts suffering from lack of rain

Until more rain falls on Georgia’s parched dryland peanut crop, the University of Georgia peanut agronomist Scott Monfort says peanut farmers should stop applying other treatments to their crops.

Author: Published 07/21/2016 by UGA FACES
New generation of researchers helps peach growers and consumers

Two years into the job, University of Georgia peach specialist Dario Chavez is pleased with the development of his research program. The new research peach orchard in Griffin, Georgia, is filled with over 130 different peach tree varieties, several newly grafted potential varieties and a host of trees for irrigation and fertilization studies, all in an effort to help growers of the crop that gave Georgia its nickname — the “Peach State.”

Author: Published 07/21/2016 by UGA FACES
Home plumbing can contribute to lead in tap water but UGA Extension can help

Since the water crisis in Flint, Michigan made headlines in late 2015, parents across the country have started looking at their kitchen taps a little suspiciously.

Author: Published 07/21/2016 by UGA FACES
UGA turfgrass research field day just weeks away

Whether you're a homeowner, new landscape company owner or a veteran golf course superintendent, you'll find the latest research-based information on growing and maintaining turfgrass at the University of Georgia Turfgrass Research Field Day.

Author: Published 07/21/2016 by UGA FACES
Homeowners advised to monitor chinch bug damage

Georgia lawns are looking parched thanks to drought conditions statewide, but the lack of rain has also opened the door for chinch bugs, a major dry weather pest of St. Augustinegrass and other turfgrass lawns.

Author: Published 07/20/2016 by UGA FACES
Stay hydrated on hot summer days by drinking plenty of water

It’s July in Georgia and that means one thing: heat. According to the Weather Channel, we’ve had average temperatures hovering at 90 degrees Fahrenheit or higher since the beginning of summer, and there seems to be no end in sight for high temperatures.

Author: Published 07/12/2016 by UGA FACES

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